Second Party Audits

Through the Second Party Audits, Qualiment assumes conducting evaluations in order  to examine the level of compliance of a customer’s supplier according to specific standards, regulations, directives or specifications. Also, Qualiment offers the services adapted to the professional needs of its clients. Indicatively, it is conducted: Initial diagnostic analysis, health inspection of facilities-units, health Inspection for evaluating suppliers-partners.

Second_Party_Audits_1What kind of businesses concerns:

The inspections concern all kind of food businesses and are applied throughout the whole food chain, as:

  • Food supply chains and food stores,
  • Food industries – Food production workshops,
  • Food storage companies, food distribution and transport companies,
  • Mass catering businesses, bakeries and pastry shops, with various branches in many parts of the country.


A) Initial diagnostic analysis health inspection

The Initial Diagnostic Analysis (inspection) based on the current legislation for food businesses, especially for the food and beverage industries. The purpose of an Initial Diagnostic Analysis is surveying and capturing, in the form of a study, all the deviations from the health regulations in the inspected areas. After that, the company who did the inspection, proposes any solutions for anything will probably be obstacle for the licensing of the food business by the National Authorities. Initial diagnostic analysis, also, helps and supports the business for the development and implementation of Food Safety Management Systems.

The Initial Diagnostic Analysis – Study Health Coverage Requirements includes:
The Initial Diagnostic Analysis will be performed by a qualified member of Qualiment and includes:

  • Surveying and capturing the whole equipment and identify productive activities that occur in business
  • Surveying the non conformities – deviations in accordance with the current health legislation
  • Preparing plans with proposed corrective actions in a schedule limit time and setting responsibilities for them


B) Health Inspection of facilities-unitsSecond_Party_Audits_2

The Health Inspection of the facilities-units in food companies by our qualified Qualiment’s member, emphasizes to the requirements to be applied by law for the proper functioning of a food store or food and beverage industry. Focuses on the new legislation who be existed up to now, it supports the owner of a business to make decisions about the hygiene of business’s facilities.

C) Health Inspection for evaluating suppliers-partners

The Health Inspections for evaluating suppliers-partners be performed by Qualiment’s members to supplier’s facilities. The frequency and the program-planning of the audits is established in cooperation with the company. Each inspection be accompanied by a detailed report with ratings and comments for each supplier. In the report is proposed corrective actions for those check points are “non-conforming” or there are any divergences.



Indicative but not limited, Health Inspections for evaluating suppliers-partners, includes:

  • Checking the premises and the equipment of suppliers – subcontractors
  • Checking the staff’s compliance about the hygiene principles ,
  • The control of production processes and the activities of suppliers – subcontractors
  • The control of organising files and HACCP procedures, water control files, cleaning and disinfection files, pest and vermin filesThis kind of Inspections includes inspections at stores throughout the corporate network and Franchise shops.