Mystery Shopper

“Mystery shopper” inspections are second party inspections in the form of the visit secret customer on behalf of the company. Some of the “Mystery shopper” inspections include:

  • Check the business’s area, facilities and the equipment,Mystery_Shopper
  • Check the staff and how they handle with specific issues,
  • Check the compliance with the corporate standards
  • Results for the quality services be offered
  • Results for the service level
  • Checking the marketing actions



Having comparative advantages as the multiannual experienced members and the spotlessly organised inspections using smartphone devices, Qualiment guarantees objectivity in the findings of inspection & immediacy  in transfering the information and notification of results.

Comparative advantages and benefits:

Cooperation with Qualiment for “Mystery Shopper” inspections or each kind of second party inspections gives to a company significant comparative advantages:

  • Continuous control and a completely view of the businness’s facility’s uses
  • Stable processes application, so the businesses can monitor them in order to ensure the safety of their products.
  • Objective evaluation and check the employees with criteria be set as low or high severity by the company.
  • Suggestions and improvement advices to businesses by multiannual experienced people in food issues.


The results of the inspections can be used as evidences for the continuous quality control by the businesses, in order to approve the observation of food safety principles, during any official health inspection.

Cooperation with Qualiment, gives you a completely objective view of your company. For each unit, each procedure and each employee.

Qualiment is everywhere, wherever and whenever is necessary to check for your business the health and safety conditions in the production, storage, handling and disposal of the company’s products.