Food Safety and Hygiene Τraining


In food businesses, poor training of workers is the most common source of contamination of the products produced in each of the stages: receipt, storage and food processing, resulting in adverse consequences and hygiene problems in the business.
Food Safety Training

Qualiment company, having qualified and experienced trainers in hygiene and food safety issues, plans and manage training courses addressed to all companie’s staff dealing with food, directly or indirectly.
The Qualiment ‘s instructors use all modern methods for the executive’s trainings (audiovisual material, case studies, roles, etc.).
All the training programs and instructors continuously evaluated by trainees and businesses.
All training programs may be subsidized by OAED (Manpower Employment Organisation) through a corresponding program “LAEK”.

Converting the obligation to advantage ..

Food businesses are legally obliged (National & European Legislation) to train their employment deal with handling and processing of food in Basic Principles of Hygiene and Food Safety.
Qualiment converts the obligation to advantage by planning and conduct training programs that “manage your searches” together with  the fulfilment of the legislation.

Having  the option to choose between three different kind of training programs, you can find the program that perfectly meets with the specific needs and the stradegy of your company.

 1) Food Safety and Hygiene training program EFET

According to current law, food businesses engaged in production, processing, storage, transport, retail, food distribution, caterings, pastry shops, butcheries, meat production companies, restaurants, hotels, hospitals etc. are to train all their workers, involved in the handling and processing of food, in food safety principles and good hygiene practices. A complete program with a wide range of food safety and hygiene topics is the “Food Safety and Hygiene training program EFET” according to EFET (Hellenic Food Authority).

This training course is carried out exclusively by instructors and evaluators who are registered in the “Official Register of  EFETFood_Safety_Training4 Trainers” in accordance with the legislation about the progress of the EFET programs.
The duration and the content of training programs defined by EFET.

After the training program’s completion and the assessment of trainees, EFET issues certificates with the topic: “Basic Principles of Hygiene and Food Safety” for the trainees, provided that they have been positively assessed in the training program.

Qualiment’s people are trainers and assessors who are registered in the “EFET Register of Trainers” and undertake to organise training programs according to EFET on the basic principles of hygiene and food safety topic for the staff of food businesses.

2) Food Safety and Hygiene training program Qualiment

The production of safe food and the protection of consumer’s health are in a moral responsibility and a legal obligation of all the employments  in a food company, from the top management of the company until the last employee, who directly or indirectly, enganged in food handling.
Food_Safety_Training3Wrong handlings from workers in a food business, due to their low level of food education and training, are admittedly the most important source of contamination of the products and thus will increase the posibility of food poisoning . Also, the lack of knowledge of the employments in “good storage practices” or in general correct practices about food handling, during food processing , can cause a loss of a significant amount of food. For that reason, the training of all employees in food businesses becoming imperative.
Qualiment, recognising this significant need for food businesses and having the appropriate professional staff, undertakes the organisation of training programs on food safety and hygiene practises for the staff of these firms.

The training programs are adjusted as appropriate and addressed:

  • To owners, senior managers of food companies that are actively involved in food handling
  • To heads of departments in food businesses, which are responsible for the quality control
  • To employees dealing directly with the production and handling of food
  • To employees dealing indirectly with the production and handling of food
  • To the newly recruited staff of food businesses


After the training programs, Qualiment gives individual certificates for participants. The issue of certificates may be combined with an evaluation of the participants in the seminar.



 3)Training Program in managing and maintaining Food Safety Management Systems

The training needs of the quality assurance department managers of food businesses about compliance, enforcement and monitoring of Food Safety Management Systems, are increased.
Qualiment as a response to these training needs of food businesses, prepared specialized training programs that focuses on design methods , installation, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of Food Safety Management Systems.

The participants in this program have the possibility:Food_Safety_Training2

  • To identify the requirements arising from the Standards of Food Safety Management Systems
  • To document the recognized requirements of the Standards of Food Safety Management Systems
  • To be able to identify ways and mechanisms for the proper observance, implementation and monitoring of Food Safety Management Systems
  • To know the history and philosophy of Food Safety Management Systems