Food Products Technology

Food Microbiological and Chemical Analysis

Qualiment supports food businesses with microbiological and chemical laboratory tests, as it cooperates with external accredited laboratories for this purpose. The scientific staff of our company, provides the correct reading of the results, in accordance with the current legislation and whether there is a devation in limits, directly proposes the appropriate corrective action to identify and eliminate the cause of the problem.

Food_Products_TechnologyLabelling – Nutritional value of products – Allergens

The consumer’s information about the nutritional value of products covers not only the need for a company’s relationship of trust with the customer, but also is covered with a significant part which is inextricably linked with the company’s respect in terms of quality of a food through the reports on nutritional characteristics.
In line with this aim, it is achieved the fulfilment of the legislation regarding the report of food ingredients on the package.
Food labels must observe certain requirements so as the consumer be informed for their ingredients. The information of the nutrient composition of foods and the other nutrients on the label is now mandatory and is governed by basic rules.
Qualiment, having the knowledge and the experience, in collaboration with the University area, provides information for what is obligated to appear on the label, and how to avoid confusions and be in accordance with the law.
In addition, we entirely undertake analyzing the nutritional value of your products and also  making a study for the allergens which must be written on the package.

Labeling of allergens: According to current Regulations of the European Union, which sets food labeling (Regulation 1169/2011), the allergens which are contained in food must be labeled.
Qualiment, having the appropriate knowledged staff, can fully undertake a planning for covering the above legal requirements in each food company.