Food Business Support

Monitoring & Maintenance of Food Safety Management Systems

Qualiment undertakes the maintenance of food safety management systems with organised meetings to your company. The number of the meetings depends on the complexity of food’s procedures of the company and the needs will each time arise. Qualiment for the best results, regarding maintenance of the food safety management system, undergoes a series of processes:


  • Drawing up an internal audit program and inspection’s program based on a questionnaire which is adapted to the businessFood_Business_Supportobject
  • Conducting Internal audits
  • Detection, registration and analysis of the results
  • Application of corrective actions in case of a problem’s detection
  • Reconstructing and remodelling of premises
  • Monitoring the correct application of cleaning-disinfection program
  • Monitoring the correct application of pest-control program
  • Real time inspections for employees, in order to identify problems and recommend solutions
  • Presenting a diagnostic study with any findings and corresponding legislative requirements and suggest ways to resolve any kind of these problems.


Food business support in licensing

Qualiment undertakes the preparation for the necessary files and documents and their deposit to the competent authorities for any type of food businesses’s  license. The licenses are issued by the competent Prefectures and Municipalities of the country.

According to Health Legislation (Αριθμ. Υ1γ/Γ.Π/οικ.47829), the establishment license of any kind of food companies is prerequisite for running any business deal with processing, packaging, selling or distributing food and beverages, including:
A) Production units, including companies deal with food production, food processing or packaging activity or both, with or without direct sale of their products to consumers

B) Small firms manufacturing traditional products

C) Food and beverage storage companies, who storage frozen or chilling food with a view to supply the wholesale or retail trade, and businesses who storage food on behalf of others (logistics providers).

D) Companies involved in food and beverage vending machines

consultingE) Food Transportation. All food and beverage transportation activities with the corresponding means, and the “ex-van” sales, unless otherwise regulated by applicable law.

F) Retail and Wholesale Trade: Supermarkets, food wholesale stores (Cash and Carry), groceries, butcheries, fishmongers, stores selling nuts, bakeries, greengrocers,  stores selling frozen food, stores selling meat and cheese, cafes, mixed food shops, weekly open markets and all itinerant street vendors, kiosks and food e-shops.

G) Foodservice businesses, including companies which manufacture or offer to customers all kinds of foods and drinks or deliver them at home.

H) Businesses with food or drink services:  Τaverns, fish taverns, restaurants, snack bars, pizzerias, wine bars, pastry shops and food businesses with delivery services

I)Catering operations, canteens, restaurants or other similar food service operations in schools, hospitals, hotels, campings, early chilhood centres.

J) Catering operations inside any type of transports (trains, boats, airplanes, etc.)