E-learning training courses in Food Safety and Hygiene Practices

The food company’s worker’s training in food safety and hygiene practices is a legal obligation for this kind of businesses.
Qualiment, in order to meet this business’s obligation, together with a training program focuses on food safety and hygiene principles, prepared a remote (e-learning) specialized training program which can be attended by everyone works in the food business whether can have an access to a computer.


There are many advantages of distance e- learning training programs as:


  • Directy & seasonally training of newly recruited staff
  • Significant reduction in time that would be required by the companies for planning and managing training programs
  • It is not required an appropriately place with audiovisual means to make the training program
  • Employees can attend the training program at their own place without having to spend much time away from their work
  • Significant reduction in costs is needed by businesses toorganise training programs